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Water Purification System Scams and Related Pseudoscience

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Be an Informed Consumer and Customer

Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filters most common sales trick.

The "Dirty Water Scam" and the "Low TDS Scam" The Jam Jar Test is basically a very crude, rudimentary, electrical circuit, similar to a car battery or scientificall y known as an electrochemical circuit. When used as a so-called “Precipitator” it gives the custom er the impression that the water is not safe to drink. It does this by precipitating or electrochemically introducing natural salts into the water that appears as a brown “goo”, which makes the water look awfully dirty.

There are several legitimate businesses that have great water purification products, but you have to be careful for the ones that offer services that are too good to be true. Ask if they offer a warranty and if yes, does it look legitimate? 

Invest time reading about water quality and health "risk" factors. Understand the difference between harmful "contaminants/pollutants" and the minerals commonly found in our water supply that pose no health risks. Such information can be quite enlightening. Many minerals are even helpful and required by our bodies.

In summary, learn what the home water treatment or purification system can (and cannot) do, so you can evaluate what a seller is promising or trying to promote. Asking a lot of questions is okay! Asking for additional information is okay! Asking to have another testing agency verify the results is okay! It is okay to be skeptical! You are much better off not buying than spending your money for something that may have limited or no benefits and costs you lots of money. An informed consumer is less likely to be taken for a ride!

Many effective filters and purifiers are available for home use that improve drinking water quality. However, the increased attention on water quality and safety serves as an invitation for unscrupulous companies, who use deception and scare tactics when selling home water treatment equipment. Water treatment devices or systems may be referred to as water "purifiers," "filtration systems" or water "conditioners.

Successful con artists and devious salesmen are appealing individuals who can gain your full trust and confidence. They have an unusual understanding of human nature. They know how to mis-use people's feelings of fear, insecurity, vanity, power, or desire to get "a sale." Rather than selling a water treatment or water filtration system on its merits, some companies and sales people choose to prey on the public's fears that their drinking water isn't safe. Thereby selling you unnecessary and expensive equipment.

Most people have limited knowledge about what is safe drinking water. Also, people may have little information about the home water purification or filtration system they are looking at buying. As a result, some people buy expensive water purification equipment they don't need, to cure supposed problems that don't exist.

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