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The TDS Test Water Filter Scam or "Precipitator" or "Jam Jar Test"

Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filters most common sales trick.

The "Dirty Water Scam" or the "Low TDS Scam". The Jam Jar Test is basically a very crude, rudimentary, electrical circuit, similar to a car battery or scientificall y known as an electrochemical circuit. When used as a so-called “Precipitator” it gives the custom er the impression that the water is not safe to drink. It does this by precipitating or electrochemically introducing natural salts into the water that appears as a brown “goo”, which makes the water look awfully dirty.

Some reverse osmosis (RO) water purification sales people are making use of a 'precipitator' or 'jam jar purity test' to supposedly prove that all water, except for the water produced by their purification equipment, is impure and unsafe for human consumption.

The water test, done in a resident's home, usually results in a brown substance forming in the water. This happens during the test when the naturally occurring minerals in the water are activated by an electrical current. Water purified with a reverse osmosis system has very few or no minerals present in the water and will therefore not conduct electricity - so no brown substance appears.

The test says absolutely nothing about water quality - and in fact is being used to mislead residents into believing there is something wrong with their water.

Some sales people may also be testing residents' water for 'total dissolved salts' (TDS). Tap water and purified water will usually show a higherTDS count than reverse osmosis water - which the sales person tries to have residents believe means their water is unsafe.

"This test also doesn't prove anything about water quality or safety. TDS alone just tests the mineral content and residents should be aware that there are naturally occurring minerals in all water.

Why does the water change colour?

It is simply explained :

• Reverse osmosis (RO) water contains little to no minerals.

• The water does not conduct electricity since to conduct electricity minerals need to be present in the water.

• When electricity is not present then none of the chemical reactions can occur. Therefore no discolouration will be visible in the RO water.
Relative to water which contains no mineral.

• The water they compare the RO water to contains minerals.

• These minerals will allow electricity to flow as current through the water.

• This subsequently allows the precipitation and an electrochemical reaction to take place which discolours the water. The change in colour can show up as a grey precipitate or brown sludge.

• This colour change is normal and can be expected.

What you may be told...

Because there is no reaction with the RO water, sales people could claim that the RO water is less contaminated and that other so-called purified waters, bottled water or tap water are dirty and contain unhealthy levels of impurities.

What you may not be aware of is that there are naturally occurring minerals in purified or bottled water. Do not be fooled or persuaded that his colour change is an indication of impurities in water.


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